Our Spring / Summer ’17 collection is based on the subject of an imaginary sub-culture taking place in the Swedish 70’s. A group of people residing in a wild & untamed garden is experimenting with plants, flowers and vegetation to create art and sculptural objects out of their interpretations of nature.

The collection is balanced between heavier garments and light leaf thin fabrics. Elements from functional workwear meets the Swedish allmoge heritage, creating a comfortable, spacious silhouette set in a sun dried color palette. Detailing and embroidery carries symbols of affiliation, stating a sense of belonging as group members. The Garden Group is characterized by a decisive do-it-yourself mentality where there are no rights or wrongs in the creative process. Organic shapes of free and overgrown vegetation is the main inspiration for the work of the group, that has found their way out of an habitual inner city life to search for the harmony of nature in the garden together.



Creative Direction: CFA Projects

Photography: Pauline Suzor

Styling: Marcus Söder

Casting: Sydney Bowen

Hair: Henrik Haue

Make Up: Josefina Zarmén