Styling: Robin Westling
Hair: Jacob Kajrup
Makeup: Veronica Aldrin
Photo: Mathias Nordgren

This collection tells a story of a conversation between generations. The collection manifest the importance of coming together. It underlines that we can dream on our own in an imaginative world, but in reality we need each other.

It’s all a reflection of the brand’s well-rooted fragile expression combined with inspiration from Swedish craft interpreted in deconstructed formal wear with tactile cuts and silhouettes.

Director: Lucas Lennig
Casting/Production: Emmi Grundström
D.o.P: Olle Kirchmeir
Film assistant: Kaspar Kamu
Sound: Josef Albrektsson
Hair: Jacob Kajrup
Grading: Joakim Rissveds

If we want to stay relevant there’s no longer room to compromise with what has been given to us. The industry requires change. We need to produce products with minimal environmental impact and increase the life span of garments. Together we all need to take our responsibility and act – the producers, the brands, the resellers, the media and the consumers.

We all need to care for our products, repair and reuse clothing to truly activate circular economy. If the garments’ life span is not possible to increase further, we need to make sure that the possibility to upcycling, recycling and composting is put in place.

Photographer: Jonatan Härngren
Stylist: Robin Westling
Hair: Jacob Kajrup
Hair: Joanna Rask
Models: Samuel, Viktor (Nisch)

The smell of fresh summer flowers mixed with gasoline, oil and tar. Change is in the night wind and a group of scouts is about to take the ferry to a once forgotten island. Silently our odd collection of characters jumps off the quayside onto the boat’s deck. In the middle of this summer night they leave for their camp - the wait is finally over as they set off in the quiet midsummer mist. A somewhat twisted reality is what we’ll meet in this

spring and summer collection called “SCOUT SIDERS”. The colorways are faded on these formal interpretations with scout work wear as well as feminine wear influences. Detailing and artwork take inspiration from midsummer flowers, Swedish craft and the memory of a do it yourself age. In this collection prominent elements are detachable badge logos, dry vintage feeling fabrics mixed up with silk prints, all taking us back to this season’s imperfect world.

Photographer: Anton Renborg
Stylist: Nicole Walker
Hair/Make: Joanna Rask
Models: Tommy, Otso (Nisch)

This story takes off in the journey of the youth, throughout the inner and outer self; the childhood home and the strong will to grow independent. The kind of adventure you have to explore on your own. This story is in particular about an ambiguous lonely trip, an identity seeking hiking tour in the Swedish mountains during summer. A time to turn yourself inside out and explore rootlessness and freedom.

This AW18 journey is characterized by pale and faded colourways, decorated by outdated textile wallpapers imprinted with Swedish highland flowers. The use and function of the hiking uniform will be vital to carry on through this story into the coming autumn and winter of 2018.

Photo: Fredrik Andersson Andersson
Styling: Robin Westling
Assistant: Douglas Jacobsson
Sound: Carl-Mickael Berlander (Gud)
Hair and makeup: Sara Eriksson
Assistant: Rosemarie Eggertz
Assistant: Douglas Jacobsson
Models: Vidar Schölander, Jens-Henrik Johnsen, Hampus Togeretz, Julian Redaelli, Julian NIlsson, Mathewos (Mikas), Ella E (Mikas) and Tobias (Helin Honung Casting)

The IWP collection has its origin from our home and the maritime life of the Swedish west coast and its tradition of boat building. This is a world that designer Jonatan Härngren know very well, growing up with a father being a boat builder. The collection captures the numerous aspects of maritime life which reflects the importance of durability and quality, such as repairing and mending clothes, boats and canvas sails. Also the tradition of wool in these Scandinavian nautical environments is unmistakably very strong.

This film was exclusively made for the L'HOMME ROUGE International Woolmark Prize Collection's exhibition at Sven Harry's Art Museum, Stockholm 27.06.18 - 01.07.18