We work together to advance our shared social and artistic ideas.

We interpret cultures and traditions through imaginative expressions.

We study the body and seek tactility and functionality in cuts and materials.

We strive to be autonomous and emphasise the craft.

We do not compromise with what has been given us.


Our customer care is managed by our Stockholm store and is always here to assist you.


AW19 Runway presentation

February 4th
See the pictures here
Mäster Samuelsgatan 42, Stockholm



May 27th
L'HR announce that AW19 will be the last clothing collection


Upcoming events

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As a brand we consider it our responsibility to produce garments with minimal environmental impact. Therefore we’ve developed a strict sourcing standard that consists of materials that minimise the use of farmland, pesticides and water in production. The AW19 collection is our first collection produced with this new sourcing standard.

See the full standard below

Concious production

All of our products are produced in Portugal, Italy and Sweden (all are members of the European Union). We visit our producers regularly and choose them with care as it is important that we share the same core values in order to offer high quality garments for long term use.


Our standard is developed in order to minimize the use of farmland, water and pesticides in production of raw materials, fibres and ultimately the L’HOMME ROUGE fabrics. This in order to have the minimum amount of environmental impact from our productions.

Our use of materials are restricted to the below textiles.

Synthetic Fibres

Recycled polyester
Recycled polyamide
Cradle2Cradle fibers
Tencel, Lyocell

Natural Fibres

Organic/Recycled cotton
Cradle2Cradle wool
Recycled wool


Make sure to wash only when necessary. Airing the garments outside can often be enough and will make your garment last longer.


If possible, dry your clothes naturally in the sun and wind or hang them to dry inside. Otherwise, follow the instructions of the wash label.

Remove Pilling

Renew the finish of knits by removing pilling. Go overt hem with a brush or a sweater stone and make them look new.

Extended Use

Don’t let garments that you don’t use just hang in the closet. Ask your family and friends or leave them to a second hand store or recycling.


Extend the lifespan of your garments by mending instead of replacing. If you try you’ll find out it’s not that difficult to do it yourself!