If we want to stay relevant there’s no longer room to compromise with what has been given to us. The industry requires change. We need to increase the life span of garments and produce products with minimal impact. Much responsibility naturally lies with the consumers and their mentality towards consumption. We all need to care for our products, repair and resell clothing to truly activate circular economy. If the garments' life span is not possible to increase further, we need to make sure that the possibility to upcycling, recycling and composting is put in place.

As a brand we consider it our responsibility to produce garments with minimal environmental impact. Therefore we’ve developed a strict sourcing standard that consists of materials that minimise the use of farmland, pesticides and water in production. 

Bigger companies all agrees that this part is the most important subject of change. The problem is that most brands aim to have these changes in place in 5 or even 10 years time. As a fast moving brand we realised that we could succeed with these big changes in less 5 months. Let us start talking about how to stay relevant together.  



47, Rue Des Archives, Paris

16/1 - 22/1



Oksnehallen, Copenhagen

30/1 - 1/2


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Director / Editor: Lucas Lennig
Creative Direction: Jonatan Härngren
Casting / Production: Emmi Grundström
Sound Design: Josef Albrektsson
Project Manager: John-Ruben Holtback
Director of Photography: Olle Kirchmeier
Assistant Camera: Kaspar Kamu
Color Grade: Joakim Rissveds (Chimney)
Hair: Jacob Kajrup
Models: Filippa, Leif, Sindri, Pontus, Fredrik (Nisch) and Cilka